Return delivery of apostille order

Return Delivery for Legalised Documents

Having successfully legalised your documents, there is one final stage of the process left to complete. We need to return your important documents to you.

On our order form we offer several return delivery options for clients to have documents returned in the UK or alternatively we can deliver documents internationally.

Customers can choose the delivery method that is most suitable to their needs.

Return of Documents in the UK

When delivering documents to an address in the UK we offer two options:

  • Royal Mail First Class Post which is included in the service, or
  • UK Next Working Day Courier for an additional fee

Royal Mail is normally a very reliable postal service with the vast majority of documents arriving without any issues. However, it is important customers recognise the limitations of first class post.Items cannot be tracked, there is no insurance, and delivery is not guaranteed. First class Post deliveries are usually delivered in around 1-3 days however this is dependent on Royal Mail. If choosing first class post for the return of documents we ask all customers to understand the risks associated with this choice.

Our UK Next Working Day Courier Service provides a quick and secure delivery. Documents are delivered the next ‘working day’ after dispatch to ensure a swift service. Each shipment is provided with a unique tracking reference so that customers can monitor the progress of their delivery.

In the event of any problems with the return of your order you can contact the courier firm and arrange for them to look into this. The use of the courier service also ensures that the documents are signed for upon delivery, this is for security purposes and to try make sure that the documents do not end up with the wrong people. In the unlikely event that a shipment was not delivered the cost of repeating the order is covered.

For UK deliveries we do not use Royal Mail recorded delivery. There is no insurance and no guaranteed delivery time.

International Return of Documents

For clients who wish for their items to be returned to an address overseas we offer two options:

  • Royal Mail International Signed For Airmail, or
  • DHL Courier Service

The Airmail option provides you with a budget international delivery service with a tracking reference. However, this is only a very basic level of tracking. Items can be tracked up until they leave the UK and once they arrive overseas, no further information is provided. When these packages arrive overseas, they are passed from Royal Mail onto the local postal service in that specific country. Not all postal services around the world are comparable to Royal Mail in the UK. Services and delivery times vary so we ask all customers to check if Airmail is suitable for their circumstances.

The DHL Courier service is more expensive than the airmail option, although, this is a lot more secure and also ensures a much faster service for overseas deliveries. Similar to the UK Courier service DHL provide a specific tracking reference number for each individual shipment. This tracking reference allows you to track the items right up to when they are signed for.

Most DHL deliveries are delivered in around 1-2 days but this is country specific. Please note that airmail deliveries can take 5-10 working days and potentially even longer if the postal service overseas is not very reliable.

It is important to ensure that your documents are returned safely once the fast apostille service has been completed so that you can present them to the authorities overseas. For a safe, guaranteed delivery we recommend selecting our courier service for peace of mind. We do not insist customers upgrade to courier services and allow you to choose your preferred delivery method. Some customers also enclose pre-paid envelopes with their orders and take responsibility for the return of their own documents.

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